Wednesday, September 17, 2014

4 Tips for Parents

Teachers work really hard each and everyday when they are taking care of your children. In return, they don't ask much from parents! All they ask is to be trusted, respected, supported and appreciated. 

Here are four tips for parents to follow: 

From the very first day of school, trust building is very important. As parents, you cannot know what your child is doing during the school day. You can imagine all sorts of crazy things that happen or just trust that your child is in good hands. If I were a parent, I would choose the latter. All I would like to say is that teachers do a lot more than what meets the eye. You can judge a teacher from their lesson plans but there is a lot more learning that goes on in a given classroom than what's on paper. Please trust the teachers who are taking care of your children. 

Instead of asking other parents who will give you a biased opinion about a particular teacher, subject or the school, go straight to the source when you have a concern. If you have questions about teachers, principals or what have you, talk to them directly. All of the "He said..." "She said..." typically does not led to a solution. Stay in constant communication with the teacher without attacking them when you have a concern. We are all adults and deserved to be treated as such. Communicate with each other in a professional manner at all times. 

Always remember to show appreciation for your child’s teacher. Remember that they are the one that is taking care of your child for 5 days of a given week. Remember that they love your child, along with several others. Remember that they make your child smile and laugh all day long. A simple thank you or a flash of a smile at them goes a long way.


Teachers appreciate parents who provide support for their children. They hope that you are passionate and dedicated to your child’s education. They understand that working parents are really busy as it is but a simple understanding of your child’s progression is meaningful. Show that you are supportive of your child, teacher and school! Teachers love those parents! 

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